Cold Locals
Slapping into 2019
April 11, 2019

Beat up, broken, old. Still rolling into 2019. View this post on Instagram New curb, new trick. #coldlocals #slappyhour A post shared by Nick Buraglio (@buraglio) on Mar 23, 2019 at 1:57pm PDT

2017. Cold Locals and the resurgence
March 11, 2017

A lot has happened in recent months. Nearly all of the original skateboarders from my home town have reconnected and many have actually started skating again. Because skateboarding is something near and very dear to me, I have kicked it up a notch and tried re-learning some tricks as well as began to really smooth […]

Cold Locals

Every year I like to get my board out at least a few times and make sure I can still actually ride it. This year, however, it was a bit different since I turned 40 back in February. Despite that fact, it was important that traditions keep alive, so that end, here is some video […]

Matt Hensley kicked me out of Sessions
September 26, 2014

I have a lot of energy.  When I was younger I didn’t really know how to channel it, skateboarding solved a lot of that for me and the vast majority of it went into skateboarding for a large number of years, but even with that outlet I could still get amped up and be that […]

The soundtrack of my youth.
February 10, 2014

In 1990, something amazing happened. H-Street released arguably one of the most influential skate videos of all time: Hokus Pokus features skaters with the likes of Ron Allen, Matt Hensley, Danny Way, Sal Barbier, Brian Lotti, Chris Livingston, John Sonner, Tony Magnusson, Eddie Elguera, Colby Carter, Kien Lieu, Alfonzo Rawls and more.. An amazing cast […]

Cold Locals
December 18, 2012

This time of year always reminds me of a time in my life that was a pivotal, life changing period for me.  In 1988, I was transitioning out of BMX and BMX Freestyle and was looking for something individual, something I could do that didn’t require a team or a group but was something I […]

Cold Locals
Down in "the 727"
May 14, 2012

I happened to be down in Clinton (the 727, since the zip code is 61727) recently.  I as we drove around and went to get some of my favorite pizza from Sorrentos Pizza (one of my former employers in a past life asnd a Clinton institution), I noticed, quite by chance, a lone skateboarder heading […]

Cold Locals
A modern skate "session"
April 12, 2012

A few years ago I got my board out again. I was in my driveway, at age 34. I’m 37 as of the time of this writing. I wanted to see if I could still do any tricks, or even just kick around without falling down. A few of my old pals, and cold local […]

Cold Locals
Apparently I loved my John Lucero board.
February 4, 2012

When I got into skateboarding in the late 1980’s, it was on a downward trend.  I’d gotten a skateboard in 1984, after the “Back to the Future” hype, but I was still more into BMX in those days and the board really didn’t see much action.  sure, I kicked around on it and rode it […]

Cold Locals

Partying in Clinton, IL in the early 1990’s was synonymous with the skateboarding “scene” there. We had a pretty tight crew and we were always looking to have some fun after a day working at the video store, skating, attending classes or just loafing around. My close friend and future college roommate Anthony had an […]